Freemont Pub Crawl 2007
Saturday, April 28th - Tour de Tori stop #3
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Past Pub Crawls
We've been to all of them and we've got a lot of photos.Click below for Pub Crawl fun from our archives!
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(Above) Danica Pytte's team.
(Left) Bridgette from the CFF office and her friends.
(Below) Carmen from the CFF office and her friends.
(Above) Stop #7, the Nickerson Street Saloon.
(Right) Stop #8, The Red Door.
The final Pub Crawl destination was the Nectar Lounge for a concert by The Boss Martians. My ears tell me their amps go all the way to eleven. It was a very lively and fun way to end the day.
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(Above) Life is good!
Click here or on any Evan's Dream Team photo for expanded coverage of their team.
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