Freemont Pub Crawl 2004
June 5th, Tori's Troopers World Tour '04 Stop #7
"Beer today, CF cure tommorow"
This was the 3rd annual pub crawl in Fremont, with over 400 people walked through the neighborhood to drink cups of Red Hook for a good cause. Robert chose to do this event while Carol and Tori went to Spokane for their Great Strides walk. We had a mix of weather, some sun early on, clouds and showers later on. Tom Eksten was the other half of Tori's Pub Crawlers on this day, and for the first time the team completed all six tavern stops.
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World Tour Stops
Pioneer Square Pub Crawl - Connell - Yakima 
Tacoma - Seattle - Spokane - Freemont Pub Crawl
(Above) Aubra, Joy and Joy from the CF office.
(Left) Tom and Robert were the Tori's Pub Crawlers duo.
(Above) First stop was the Nickerson Street Saloon.
(Right) A nifty poem adorned by one the drinking teams.
The third stop was the Ballroom. The second stop was the George & Dragon, where we watched Smarty Jones miss out on the Triple Crown, but didn't take any photos.
(Above) The most popular spot at the ToST was the line for the bathrooms.
(Right) The 5th stop was the Triangle Tavern, a good spot for a group photo.
The fourth and most crowded stop was the ToST Lounge.
(Left) The 6th and last stop was the Red Door. Tom was still showing good beer drinking form after three hours.

(Above) Also at the Red Door was Evan's Dream Team, who had completed the Olympia Great Strides walk earlier in the day. The guy on the right was the sober one.
(Left and above) After the drinking was done, Robert ran into Pub Crawl Guru Joy and her friends as everybody was heading home.