Tori's Story

Tori was born on August 22, 1992. She graduated in May 2014 with a double major in English and Spanish from at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon.

Below are photos of Tori the first day of every school year through 2009. Check out the Tori Photo Spectacular for more photos (many, many more!). Don't forget to check out the Tori's Troopers and the Great Strides pages for info on Tori's fight against Cystic Fibrosis. We're just starting a new project to scan and re-scan older photos from the past, so come back again soon for even more Tori!
First day of kindergarten,
Sept 1997
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First day of 2nd grade,
Sept 1999
First day of 3rd grade,
Sept 2000
First day of 4th grade,
Sept 2001
First day of 5th grade,
Sept 2002
First day of 6th grade,
Sept 2003
The Tori Photo Spectacular!

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First day of 7th grade,
Aug 2004
First day of 8th grade,
Aug 2005
First day of 9th grade,
Sept 2006
First day of 10th grade,
Sept 2007
First day of 11th grade,
Sept 2008
First day of 12th grade,
Sept 2009
First day of 13th grade, Sept 2010
We were ready, Tori was already at George Fox.