Robert's Moose Page
So what's with this Moose thing?
Yes, my nickname is Moose. My future wife gave me that label way back about 1987, when she surmised I had many moose-like qualities: big, eats a lot, doesn't say much, always in the way, etc.

Since then, the moose-related stuff has grown to almost mythical proportions, including:

- Personalized license plates (MOOSES)
- A fake stuffed moose formerly bolted on my office wall (made by my talented in-laws, Millie and Towner Jayne)
- The complete collection of Rocky and Bullwinkle videos
- Moose stuffed animals and Beanie Babies (Chocolate).
- Moose t-shirts, books, photos, posters, magnets, puzzles, blankets, signs and more.

It's all in good fun and it makes Christmas shopping easier - if it's got a moose on it, buy it for me.
Chef from the Muppet Show making Chocolate Moose. Yum yum yum!
The Halifax Mooseheads, Nova Scotia's hottest junior hockey team!
Catch all the latest news from Moose Lake, Minnesota!
Moose-related logos & links
Here are some of the more interesting ways moose show up in our everyday lives. Links provided where available.
Space Moose
A crude but funny R-rated comic strip.
The international fraternal organization
Join the Mickey Moose Club!
Home furnishings.
Antiques and collectibles.
Mmmm, beer!
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My fake moosehead, shown bolted to my former office wall, courtesy of Millie and Towner Jayne. June 1999
I couldn't forget the mascot of the Seattle Mariners, the Mariner Moose.
Another hockey team, this time it's Winnepeg's IHL team.
Bull Moose Tubing, commerical tubing from Montana.
Outdoor wooden playsets from Holland.
Apparel, furnishings and stuff.
Iowa's home for country music.
Moose gifts from New Hampshire.
Food and lodging in Lake City, Colorado.
Moose-Byte Systems, web designers from Denver, Colorado.
Alaskan gifts.
Outdoor gear supplies in Nebraska.
Animal prints and books.
Web design work.
Internet service provider in Great Britain.
Web design work.
Rental cabins in Old Forge, New York.
Restaurant in San Francisco.
Comedy club in London
Canandian Travel Agency.
Mmmm, even more beer.
Online music store.
Mmmm, more beer.
City of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.