Freemont Pub Crawl 2003
June 7th, Tori's Troopers World Tour Stop #8

"Beer today, CF cure tommorow"
This is the event Robert has trained almost his entire adult life for...drinking beer for a good cause. Now in its second year, the Pub Crawl had six taverns in the Freemont neighborhood of Seattle and Red Hook Brewery team up to help fight CF. A $30 fee got you a small cup of beer at each of the participating taverns, a coffee from Tully's and an event t-shirt. At last count, over 530 people had grossed over $16,000 for the event. The setting couldn't have been better for charitable beer drinking - blue skies,  temperatures hovering around 90 and lots of women in shorts and tank tops. After Robert helped out with a little ID checking, crowd direction and t-shirt delivery, it was off to drink!
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ID Checker Don did a great job making sure everybody was old enough. Check-in was at the History House, in the shadow of the Aurora Bridge.
Once you were legal, you picked up your beer coupons and T-shirt from the friendly staff and volunteers.
One of the many groups of friends doing the crawl. I didn't know a single one of them, but they looked respectable enough, so here they are! A lot of groups did 'before' and 'after' photos.
(Left) Ty made a triumphant return to CF events along with his nifty cowboy hat. This was his 'I'm serious, I haven't had too much to drink' look.

(Right) Robert's drinking partners for the afternoon, Left-right, Michelle, Allison, Eileen, Paul and Cowboy Ty.
Even though six taverns participated, the folks working the event ended up at only two, the Red Door and the Ballroom. Here's the Red Door inside and out.
Two words describe the Pub Crawl at the Ballroom - Hot and Sweaty. Between drinks we played a couple games of pool (below), further proving we are all better fundraisers than pool players.