I keep busy reading about places I wish Robert would take me. I love camping, but Robert's idea of camping is when room service is late. Tori and I are considering 'yurting', but Robert is wimping out because there's no cable TV or Internet access there.

I teach pre-school classes a few days a week, which means cutting out a lot of paper animals and making lots of play-doh. I'm learning how to play the bagpipes on what's called a chanter, which looks kind of like a recorder. Robert and Tori think it sounds like a dying cow, so they moo everytime I start to play. Make sure you stop by Tori's page and the Troopers page too.
Carol's Page

This is my page. Yes, Robert and I are married, but I kept my last name. What would you do if you had a choice between 'Jayne' and 'Nunnenkamp'? I thought so...

To further confuse matters, we gave Tori 'Jayne' as her middle name. Just another fun day around here!

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Group shot with a bunch of friends from church before a wild white-water trip down the Wenatchee River, May 1997.
A couple of photos from the women's church retreat, May 2001.
Shelley Randolph and Chris Holmes (Chad and Abbey's moms, respectively)
Women's church retreat, May 2003.
Cousins in Spokane, March 2003.
Jennifer was feeling left out, so she made Robert put these photos on my page.