Harley-Davidson KISW
Texas Hold 'Em Tournament 2007
March 10th - Tour de Tori stop #2

Destination Harley-Davidson in Tacoma was the, um, destination for this tourney. 61 players played battled for a trip to Las Vegas amongst a vast selection of new and used bikes. Members of KISW's BJ Shea Morning Experience competed as well, with Double R once again making a final table. Over $7,000 was raised by the time all the add-ons and re-buys were done.

Tori's Tilters'  army of one was there, and I did okay, finishing 19th. Only one big blow to my stack during the tourney, my pocket jacks losing to a set of fives. Long stretches of crappy cards and escalating blinds took the rest of the chips.
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