Moose Family & Friends VIII
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Jennifer Bosanko looking pretty in pink, March 2004
Connie Blumen, February 2004
Gavin Gray and Tom Eksten, February 2004
(Top) Gavin again, this time alongside Machelle Jones, who sees nothing but the bottom of her glass, February 2004

(Left) Cameron and Carson Bosanko on Santa's lap, December 2003
Lynn Tuomisto and Mike Crandell enjoying a little champagne at Karin Robert's wedding, August 1997.
Gavin Gray doing his best Gilligan impression on Dances with Wind, July 2004.
(L-R) Cassidy Bollinger's 3rd birthday party, July 2004.
Parks Summer Party, September 1990
This was at Russ' old house, where he used to host a barbeque for staff at the end of the summer. This one was 'come dressed as your favorite Recreation staff person.' Front row: Jennifer (as Russ), Robert, Russ (as Kelly, the dance instructor). Back Row: Jan (as Jan), Carrie (as Jan), Carol (as Jan), Linda, Helen.