Moose Family & Friends V
Our photo album on steriods!
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Monsters, Inc.
Maria Van Horn, Shelley Brittingham, Darlene Sellers, Carol and Tori at the pre-movie meal, November 2001.
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Laura Van Horn
Laura and her mom Maria visited Tori while she was at Children's Hospital participating in a clinical trial of a new CF treatment. Laura's showing off her new earrings, December 2001.
Jay Osborne
Jay is a former Parks employee now working with the County Roads Division. We usually get together with some present and former Parks staff to exchange ornaments each Christmas. He's shown here holding up his pair of snowman ornaments, December 2001.
Sharon Cooper
Another former Parks employee working with the County Roads Division, December 2001.
Maria Van Horn
Looks like she's getting the hang of having her picture taken! December 2001.
Penny Wade
The retired Parks budget guru showing off her ornament ensemble, December 2001.
Linda Flajole
Also from our ornament exchange, definitely a more flattering shot than the previous page! December 2001.
Cousins Kat and Ela
This was a late Christmas get-together, January 2002. It was a bit wierd exhanging presents a month after Christmas!
Juanita Wallen
Former Federal Way office help, attempting to inspect Russ' rusty jock, December 1990.