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Jan Contento, Tori, Laura and Tyler Van Horn at the Rocky and Bullwinkle Movie, July 2000.
The post-Rocky and Bullwinkle Chinese dinner, July 2000. Front row- Carol, Tori, Jan Contento, Shelley Brittingham, Robert. Back row- Tyler, Greg and Maria Van Horn.
Randy Schroers
Randy worked for many years in the Parks Department and finished his career coordinating the maintenance staff at the Kingdome. He's shown here at his retirement in July 2000 with his wife and King County Executive Ron Sims.
Brian Dennis
One of the infamous Dennis kids from across the street, August 2000.
Laura and Melissa pose with their family's new crop of babies, April 2001.
Laura Van Horn's 11th birthday was a 'come as your favorite Disney charactor' theme - this is the result. April 2001.
Bill Durham
Bill is shown here at his September 2000 retirement party. He was a Recreation Coordinator for many years, and is known for his Elvis impersonations.

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Greg Van Horn
Eatin' and drinkin' at another Van Horn Theme Party, September 1999.
Tyler Van Horn
Looks like he enjoys wearing tights just a little too much. April 2001.
Carol Boyle
AKA Buffette (daughter of Buffy) and light enough so I can toss her around like a sack of potatoes, 1998
Mike Crandell
Former Marymoor Park Manager, now Resource Coordinator who counts frogs, 1994.