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Todd, Colin and Shannon Hofmeister, June 2005.
The Shamed and Exiled Park Employees Club, December 2005.
(L-R) Christmas Eve Eve 2005 at the Bosankos.
(Left and Above) Great Nephew Aaron, Christmas Day 2005
Great Nephew Aaron with Grannie Nunnenkamp and mom/niece Crystal, Christmas Day 2005
(Above) Colin Hofmeister taking a break at a Great Strides committee meeting, March 2006.

(Above and right) Carson's 9th birthday party, March 2006.
(Left) The 1982 Pizza Hut co-ed softball team. Russ is on the far left, Robert is 4th from the left in the back row next to the plaid shirt guy, and Lenny is kneeling bottom left.