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1995 Heritage Festival Staff. (Front Row) Jan Contento, Maria Van Horn, Cathy Currie. (Back Row) Karin Roberts, Robert, Kathy Chambers, Bill Durham.
1993 Heritage Festival Staff. (Front row) Teresa Achenbach, Cathy Currie, Norah Gaynor. (Middle row) Robert, Joe Wilson, Sandi Spence, Jay Osborne. (Back row) Mike Crandell, Bill Durham, Maria Van Horn.
Heritage Festival
This was a two or three day event around the 4th of July each year featuring music, dance, crafts and thousands of people. Parks staff ran it, and occasionally we had enoough time to squeeze in a group photo. It died a quick death due to budget cuts after 2000.
Linda Flajole
Linda worked in the Parks Department and the Roads Division. She did things like work with the phone people to make sure staff had phones that worked, earning her the nickname of Phone Goddess. She's shown here at her retirement party being outfitted for UW football games, June 2001.
Those Babcock Girls
Jennifer and her sister Becky show off their very pregnant figures at their baby shower, July 2001.
Cameron Russell Bosanko
Cameron decided to make his entrance on August 18, 2001. He weighed in at 7 lbs 10 oz. Clockwise starting top left: With mom Jennifer, with Tori at the hospital, at his dedication at church, with Tori at Thanksgiving 2001, with Carol and Tori January 2002, with dad Russ January 2002.
The Chamberlains
Carol first met Dave and Julie at church. They're shown here with their kids Brett and Justine. September 2001.
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