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Cathy Currie
Cathy retired in June 2002 after 30 years with King County Parks as well as surviving working in the same office as Robert for 8 years. June 2002.
Hanging out with the cousins
Kat and Ela hanging out with Tori, August 2002.
Birthday Celebration, August 2002
A few shots from our Spongebob-themed birthday party for Tori at home once we got back from vacation. (L-R) Carol and Jennifer sipping on margaritas; Laura and Maria Van Horn; Cameron and Russ Bosanko.
CF Parents Support Group, December 2002
The support group normally meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at Children's Hospital, but in December we do a dinner on a Saturday night. About half the group were able to make it, and here are the photo highlights.

(Above Left) The group shot. Clockwise from right: Robert, Carol, Chris and Jeff Hanley, Dawn Cochran, Rob Cochran with Kris Maxwell on his lap, Penny and Lee Amsler.

(Above Right) Rob and Dawn on their phones. No, they weren't talking to each other.

(Right) The Cochrans and Chris Hanley discussing the finer points of being a CF parent over beer and wine.

Sharon "Buffy" Boyle
No, she and her husband never come to our Christmas party, but we still made it to her 50th birthday party (above right). Score one for us!