Great Strides 2002
Tori's Troopers World Tour!
Great Strides walks help fund research to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Now in their 14th year, Great Strides walks are held at over 320 sites throughout the country. Collectively, these walks and other related events raise over 17 million dollars a year, including $178,000 at the Seattle site and $96,000 for the Tacoma site. Robert had the honor of being the 2002 Great Strides Committee Chairman for the Seattle event, his third year in a row. Our team, Tori's Troopers, raised $6,925 in 2002. A big thanks to all those who contributed!

Tori's Troopers World Tour '02
Because of Robert's lighter than normal softball schedule and a little luck, the whole family was available to participate in a lot of the spring fundraising events, so the Tori's Troopers World Tour '02 was born. Okay, it was only Washington state, but 'World Tour' sounds so much cooler.

While we've traditionally participated in the Seattle and Tacoma Great Strides walks, the only other CF event we've done is Robert's cycling in Lynden, and that's been only since 2000. This year we decided to tour all the fundraising sites we could, if for no other reason but to see if we could do it. While we don't actively seek donations outside of the Seattle walk, we encourage every Trooper to participate wherever they can, and we like to be there when they are. Members of the Troopers turned in their donations at these other events and we also turned in our post-Seattle stragglers. Plus, there's always great food at these events, so we couldn't go wrong!

The only scheduling conflict was May 11th, which had both the Lynden Bike-a-thon and the Poulsbo Great Strides walk on the same day. Since Tori was riding in Lynden this year, we felt Carol would be a good support team member there rather than send her by herself to Poulsbo, especially since Robert has a bad habit of running into things while on his bike. Other than that, we hit all Great Strides events in Washington, plus the new Pub Crawl in Fremont and the Bike-a-thon in Lynden, which means 6 fundraisers in 48 days!

So many events with so many photos made our usual one-web-page summary logistically unwise, so we've split up the events into seperate pages. Click on the photos below for recaps of our 2002 World Tour!
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Lynden Bike-a-thon (May 11th)
Tacoma Great Strides (May 19th)
Thank you CF Foundation and Seattle Walk Committee!
We cannot say enough about the staff at the Seattle CF Foundation office - they are the best! None of this could happen without their hard work and dedication, and we are truly grateful to have people like Allison Thrasher, Shelby Dopp, Dottie Moore and the rest of the staff around to help kids like Tori beat Cystic Fibrosis.

Even though the walk committee may think its biggest accomplishment was eating pizza, it's been great getting such an enthusiastic group together and making these events better each year.
Seattle Great Strides (May 18th)
Fremont Pub Crawl (May 4th)
Spokane Great Strides (June 1st)
Olympia Great Strides (June 22nd)
Thank you chat buddies!
A big thanks to chat buddies tth and Danno337 for their donations this year. We've never met in person and only talked via chat rooms, but they graciously donated items that raised $150 at the Tacoma Great Strides silent auction. Below is Danno's rose quilt, and we didn't get a chance to take a shot of tth's miniatures before they were snapped up.