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Rack Attack! 2007, left to right: Ty Garfield, Joni Kirschenman, Robert, Connie Blumen and Carol.
Bowl For Breath 2007
Rack Attack! was back once again to swing our balls for a good cause. This year the event switched to an adult-only format and the venue changed to The Garage in Seattle. We were joined by Joni Kirschenman for the first time and the quintet had high hopes for the day.

The food was good, the beer was cold and the bowling was so-so. It's always tough to bowl well when you only do it once a year, so we're either going to have to practice more or lower our scoring expectations.

Robert led the team with a 413 (131/150/132), followed by Ty with a 326 (106/123/97), Joni's 325 (98/109/118), Carol's 299 (95/100/104) and Connie with a bouncy 263 (77/74/112).
(Left) Our Dodgeball-inspired team poster for 2007.