Bowl For Breath 2002
This annual CF fundraiser was held on Saturday, October 12th at Leilani Lanes in Seattle. Back for its third consecutive year, Rack Attack! dedicated itself to throwing strikes, raising money and eating pizza, not necessarily in that order. Even when the pins weren't falling, we looked good in our personalized t-shirts.

While Great Strides is our main fundraising venture, each person that raises $50 gets to bowl for free, so that's reason enough for us. While we didn't actively seek donations (of course, we didn't turn any down!), we encourage people every year to come swing their balls for a worthy cause. This year's event brought in $5,000 for CF research.

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The 2002 team photo didn't come out so well, with these two of Tori being the only really acceptable ones. Nice shoes!
Our bowling day started off fairly well, with Tori bowling 100, Carol a personal-best 125 and Robert rolling a 144.

Robert got his act together in the second game with an even 200, and Carol and Tori came in with matching 92s. Tori's third game was a 91, Carol a 119 and Robert forgot how to make spares for five frames and dropped down to a 145.

Tori improved 19 pins per game over last year, and if she continues to improve at that rate every year, she'll be averaging 247 a game by the time she's 18.

Shelby Dopp from the CF office did her usual excellent job keeping the pins falling and the pizza flowing, and Rack Attack! is already planning for 2003!

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