Bowl For Breath 2004
This annual CF fundraiser was held on Saturday, October 23rd at Leilani Lanes in Seattle. Rack Attack! was back for its fifth consecutive year, and we had our largest team yet - we had 7.5 bowlers this year throwing strikes, raising money and eating pizza. The .5 is because Maria and Laura Van Horn split their bowling duty since Laura is on the mend from a torn hamstring.

Joy Fischer from the CFF office did her usual top-notch job, and this year's event brought in $5,000 for CF research. Rack Attack! sported new team shirts this year embroidered by Joe Wilson. Team highlights included Robert winning a gift certificate for high series (491) and Connie Blumen dropping her bowling ball on the approach.

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Rack Attack! 2004 Front Row: Tori, Laura Van Horn and Connie Blumen. Back Row: Carol Maria Van Horn, Shelley Brittingham, Robert and Mike Crandell.
Rack Attack! Results
Maria/Laura - 50/70/107 = 227
Connie - 98/86/75 = 259
Tori - 102/84/85 = 271
Carol - 78/90/125 = 293
Shelley - 125/106/101 = 332
Mike - 100/117/148 = 365
Robert - 154/192/145 = 491