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Need more for your bowling fix? Check out the complete Rack Attack! history:

Bowl for Breath 2000
Bowl for Breath 2001
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Bowl for Breath 2003
Bowl for Breath 2004

Rack Attack! 2005 Front Row: Laura Van Horn, Tori and Connie Blumen. Back Row: Carol, Maria Van Horn, Robert, Mike Crandell and Ty Garfield. Ty usually has a gaggle of girls to bowl with but had to bowl by himself this year.
Bowl For Breath 2005
This annual CF fundraiser was held on Saturday, October 29th. It was the last time at Leilani Lanes, which is to be torn down in favor of condos. Rack Attack! was out in force again with six bowlers, plus Maria Van Horn as team photographer. The team won its share of fabulous prizes, with Carol and Robert collecting gift certificates for the first strikes of the event, plus a Sue Bird autographed mini-basketball and a shirt and cap in the raffle. Laura won a couple of Thunderbird hockey tickets as well.

Brian Schwartz from the CF Foundation office had his designation of 'Rookie' removed after the event. The procedure wasn't painful and the wound should heal without any scarring.
Rack Attack! team poster for this year. Robert went and got creative on everybody this year with the movie-style theme. Everybody autographed the poster copies, whic we're sure will be valuable collectables in the years to come.
Rack Attack! Results
Laura - 59/74/35 = 168
Connie - 68/51/75 = 194
Tori - 90/116/111 = 317
Carol - 106/91/135 = 332
Mike - 168/144/116 = 428
Robert - 129/144/156 = 429