Ruby's Diner  CF Fundraising 2005
May 9th - Tour de Tori stop #5
Ruby's Diner in Redmond Town Center donates 20% of their revenue for a night when you coordinate a date with the restaurant and hand out their flyers. This is a popular event for Explorer Community School students, parents and teachers even though Tori left there in 2004. Even though it was a rainy evening, we packed the place again this year.
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(Left) Aizen and Tori flexing their eyebrows.

(Right) Lisa Amsler from Amsler's Army (second from left) and her seven closest friends.
(Above left) Andy and one of their twins.
(Above) Kati with the other twin. No, we don't know which one is which.

(Left) Erin, Nic, Karina, Brooke and Maxine.
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