Portland Great Strides 2005
May 21st - Tour de Tori stop #7
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What's the big deal about a 340-mile round trip in the same day if there's money to raise for CF? The Troopers did just that for its first-ever Oregon fundraising trip. The 4-mile walk in the Rose Quarter started at 10:00am, so that meant leaving home at 6:45am and returning home 11 hours later. The event enjoys great support from Platt Electric and raised over $100,000!
Tour de Tori Stops
Poker - Pizza - Yakima - Pub Crawl - Ruby's - Tacoma
Portland - Seattle - Victoria - Olympia - Spokane - Golf
Redmond, 6:45am. Getting in the car. This is the last time we saw the sun.
Portland, 9:30am. Arriving at the Rose Quarter Commons (Rose Garden in the background).
(L-R) Ken Ackerman from KATU-TV; Committee chairs Jim and Kim Smoltz; warming up with perky aerobics instructor Selena Mofitt.
(L-R) The female Troopers on the walk; eating lunch provided by Applebees; A classic Tori pose.
The female Troopers in their 'happy' pose.
Things perked up with a 90-minute trip to Powell's Books.
Redmond, 5:50pm. Getting back out of the car in a light rain, the Troopers call it a day.