Pickled Onion Softball 2005
Robert has played with the same core group of players since 1986. In 2004 we placed 3rd in the Renton Spring league with our new sponsor, The Pickled Onion Sports Bar. 2005 got off to a challenging start with SS Mike heading for shoulder surgery and OF/P Jason on the mend from knee ligament surgery that ended his 2004 season. The only softball Robert saw was a little co-ed action with folks from Timberlake Church. Hopefully 2006 will be better!
42 Jason Roller
Position(s):  Outfield, Pitcher
Nickname(s): Antonio, Goatee Man
Tenure: 1989 - Present
Wife: Kari
Kid(s): Anthony, Ryan
3 Gary Loucks
Position(s):  Pitcher
Nickname(s): Wizard
Tenure: Forever
Wife: Ruth
Kid(s): David, Daniel, Dean
7 Mike Brundage
Position(s):  Shortstop
Nickname(s): Alice, One Nut, Skipper
Tenure: 1989 - Present
Wife: Laura
Kid(s): Beau, Sydney, Samantha
34 Robert Nunnenkamp
Position(s): Pitcher, 1st Base
Nickname(s): Moose, Elmo, Lumpy
Tenure: 1986 - Present
Wife: Carol
Kid(s): Tori
21 Cory Sowers
Position(s):  2nd Base
Nickname(s): Meat
Tenure: 1994 - Present
Wife: None
Kid(s): Taylor
4 Dean Loucks
Position(s): Catcher, Right Field
Nickname(s): Deano, Sparky
Tenure: 1985 - Present
Wife: None
Kid(s): Kyle
66 Dan Loucks
Position(s): Outfield, 1st Base
Nickname(s): Danielsan
Tenure: 1985 - Present
Wife: Kim
Kid(s): Danielle, Hannah
Wiz #3
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Cory #21
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Mike #7
Moose #34
5 Phil McConnell
Position(s):  Outfield, 2nd Base
Nickname(s): Phildo
Tenure: 1998 - Present
Wife: Tamara
Kid(s): Aaron, Blaine
15 Aaron McConnell
Position(s):  Left Field
Nickname(s): Flea
Tenure: 1998 - Present
Wife: Jennifer
Kid(s): Tori (a different one!) + 1 on the way
Blaine McConnell
Position(s):  Outfield
Nickname(s): Tick
Tenure: 2002 - Present
Wife: None
Kid(s): None
Kyle Kelly
Position(s):  Outfield, 1B
Nickname(s): None yet
Tenure: 2003 - Present
Wife: Lori