No Bull Softball 2002
If there's one thing that has defined our Spring and Summer, it's softball. Robert has played since 1986. For 2002, we are fortunate to have Renton's No Bull Saloon and Classics Sports Bar as our sponsors. We won the Rec division in the Renton Spring league this year with a 18-0 record, and then won the D division in the Renton Fall league with a record of 19-2.
42 Jason Roller
Position(s):  Left-Ctr, Right-Ctr, Pitcher
Nickname(s): Antonio, Goatee Man
Tenure: 1989 - Present
Wife: Kari
Kid(s): Anthony, Ryan
3 Gary Loucks
Position(s):  Pitcher
Nickname(s): Wizard
Tenure: Forever
Wife: Ruth
Kid(s): David, Daniel, Dean
7 Mike Brundage
Position(s):  Shortstop
Nickname(s): Alice, One Nut, Skipper
Tenure: 1989 - Present
Wife: Laura
Kid(s): Beau, Sydney, Samantha
67 Jim Brundage
Position(s):  1st Base, Pitcher, DH
Nickname(s): JB, Grandpa, 69
Tenure: 1886 - Present
Wife: Connie
Kid(s): Mike
34 Robert Nunnenkamp
Position(s): Pitcher, 1st Base
Nickname(s): Moose, Elmo, Lumpy
Tenure: 1986 - Present
Wife: Carol
Kid(s): Tori
4 Dan Sagdahl
Position(s):  2nd Base
Nickname(s): Banger
Tenure: 1985 - Present
Wife: Cathy
Kid(s): Amanda, Jamie, Meghan
21 Cory Sowers
Position(s):  2nd Base
Nickname(s): Meat
Tenure: 1994 - Present
Kid(s): Taylor
4 Dean Loucks
Position(s): Catcher, Right Field
Nickname(s): Deano, Sparky
Tenure: 1985 - Present
Kid(s): Kyle
66 Dan Loucks
Position(s): Left, Left-Center
Nickname(s): Danielsan
Tenure: 1985 - Present
Wife: Kim
Kid(s): Danielle, Hannah
00 Shawn MacIntyre
Position(s): Catcher, Missionary
Nickname(s): Mac, My Little Pony
Tenure: 1996 - Present
Kid(s): None that we know of
Deano #4
Banger #4
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22 Tracy Fife
Position(s): Right Field, Catcher
Nickname(s): Barney
Tenure: 2000 -Present
Wife: Kim
2 Lee Goldner
Position(s):  2nd Base
Nickname(s): None yet!
Tenure: 2000 - Present
Wife: Kerri
15 Aaron McConnell
Position(s):  Left Field
Nickname(s): Flea
Tenure: 1998 - Present
Wife: None
Kid(s): Tori (A different one!)
5 Phil McConnell
Position(s):  Left-Ctr, Right-Ctr, 2nd base
Nickname(s): Phildo
Tenure: 1998 - Present
Wife: Tamara
Kid(s): Aaron, Blaine
1 Mike Tonda
Position(s):  1st Base, Right Field
Nickname(s): None yet!
Tenure: 2000 - Present
Wife: Bev
Kid(s): Yes, but I don't know their names!
Cory #21
0 Loyd McGuire
Position(s):  3rd Base
Nickname(s): None yet!
Tenure: 2001 - Present
Wife: None (Only groupies)
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Jim #67
Mike #7
Daniel #66
Moose #34
Mac #00
Tracey #22
Mike T #55
Flea #15
72 Blaine McConnell
Position(s):  Right Field
Nickname(s): Tick
Tenure: 2002 (Rookie)
Wife: None
Blaine #72
Lee #2
Loyd #0
Joe #0
0 Joe Codiga
Position(s):  Catcher
Nickname(s): None printable
Tenure: 1988 - Present
Wife: Tracey
Kid(s): Haley
Monroe, June 2002
Here's the team with their 2nd place trophy.
Cle Elum/Roslyn, June 2002
We took 3rd in this tourney. Here's part of the team at the Brick Tavern in Roslyn.
Renton Rec Division Champs, July 2002
Okay, the competition was weaker than when we last played in this division four years ago, but we still dominated from start to finish with a perfect 18-0 record, 14-0 regular season, 4-0 in the playoffs.
Renton D Division Champs, October 2002
We only lost two games in this league; one the first week when Robert was on vacation and the team played with only 9 players, and the other when Fall Coach Cory, um, 'misinterpreted' a rescheduled playoff game and we didn't show up for the first round. Still 13-1 in the regular season and 6-1 all the way through the losers bracket in the playoffs is nothing to sneeze at. That's Cory's daughter Taylor inspecting the trophy.