Pickled Onion Softball 2004
Robert has played with the same core group of players since 1986. In 2002, we won the Rec division in the Renton Spring league with a 18-0 record, and then won the D division in the Renton Fall league with a record of 19-2. In 2003 we placed 2nd in the upper division in the Renton league. I hope this isn't a trend, but we placed 3rd in the Renton league in 2004. We also welcomed a new sponsor, the Pickled Onion. The lack of tournaments this year cut down on photo ops, but I've updated photos where I could. Injuries to Mike and Jason also reduced photos, and competitiveness, but we're looking forward to a better 2005.
42 Jason Roller
Position(s):  Outfield, Pitcher
Nickname(s): Antonio, Goatee Man
Tenure: 1989 - Present
Wife: Kari
Kid(s): Anthony, Ryan
3 Gary Loucks
Position(s):  Pitcher
Nickname(s): Wizard
Tenure: Forever
Wife: Ruth
Kid(s): David, Daniel, Dean
7 Mike Brundage
Position(s):  Shortstop
Nickname(s): Alice, One Nut, Skipper
Tenure: 1989 - Present
Wife: Laura
Kid(s): Beau, Sydney, Samantha
34 Robert Nunnenkamp
Position(s): Pitcher, 1st Base
Nickname(s): Moose, Elmo, Lumpy
Tenure: 1986 - Present
Wife: Carol
Kid(s): Tori
21 Cory Sowers
Position(s):  2nd Base
Nickname(s): Meat
Tenure: 1994 - Present
Wife: None
Kid(s): Taylor
4 Dean Loucks
Position(s): Catcher, Right Field
Nickname(s): Deano, Sparky
Tenure: 1985 - Present
Wife: None
Kid(s): Kyle
66 Dan Loucks
Position(s): Outfield, 1st Base
Nickname(s): Danielsan
Tenure: 1985 - Present
Wife: Kim
Kid(s): Danielle, Hannah
Wiz #3
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Cory #21
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Mike #7
Moose #34
5 Phil McConnell
Position(s):  Outfield, 2nd Base
Nickname(s): Phildo
Tenure: 1998 - Present
Wife: Tamara
Kid(s): Aaron, Blaine
15 Aaron McConnell
Position(s):  Left Field
Nickname(s): Flea
Tenure: 1998 - Present
Wife: Jennifer
Kid(s): Tori (a different one!)
Blaine McConnell
Position(s):  Outfield
Nickname(s): Tick
Tenure: 2002 - Present
Wife: None
Kid(s): None
Kyle Kelly
Position(s):  Outfield, 1B
Nickname(s): None yet
Tenure: 2003 - Present
Wife: Lori