The Jason Roller Spectacular!

When I started putting together the softball team web page, Jason remarked on the relative lack of photos of some team members (mainly him!). This is my attempt to compensate for the perceived slight. It also gives the chance to throw in some shots of his wife Kari and sons Anthony and Ryan.

Just so you know, I've taken all the softball photos shown on this site except the ones of myself (those courtesy of Mike Surles). Since Jason and I are usually close in the batting order, I'm either on base, on deck or otherwise occupied when Jason is up to bat. Since he plays mainly outfield, I don't get a lot of defensive outfield photos - they're kinda boring, unless someone's leaping for a catch or something like that. I've combed our photo archives and I did manage to find a few, so here you go. Okay, Jason, you owe me a beer!
Strokefest '99
Throwin' some meat
What do I do now?
Tori with Ryan, July 2001.
Do I look like the mailman to you?
Ryan Jason Roller, born June 4, 2001
September 2001
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