Seattle Great Strides 2009
May 17th - Tour de Tori stop #4
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Tori's Troopers has walked at the Seattle Great Strides every year since 1994, putting our money where our feet are to help kids like Tori. This event continues to be one of the top CF walks in the country, with over 1,000 walkers raising $400,000 this year.

The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. Longhorn Barbecue provided great food once again and Devotion provided the tunes. The young ladies from Gamma Phi Beta wore matching 65 Roses shirts and did a lot of the heavy lifting by setting up and breaking down. Thanks to everybody who walked with us this year and to everybody who donated, we appreciate the support for Tori and CF research. At left are most of this year's Tori's Troopers, we can never seem to get everybody in the same place at the same time.

If you haven't got around to it yet, you can still donate - we'll count donations before the end of June towards the Seattle walk, so if you haven't spent your tax refund or stimulus check, send us your check made out to CFF or donate online by clicking here.

Tour de Tori Stops
Poker/Qwest - Pub Crawl - Golf - Seattle
Olympia - Spokane - Auburn - Snoqualmie
#1 walker Bob talking with Allison and Katie.
Gamma Phi Beta setting up the Rose Garden.
The Gamma Phi ladies with the band Devotion.
A portion of the 65 Rose Garden.
Team Cloe-Bop was a co-team for us this year.
Some of the Troopers discussing walk strategy.
Tony Ventrella on stage.
Qwest Field, Safeco Field and Mt. Rainier from the walk route.
Tori helping accept a $30,000 check from Gilead.
Tori presenting Longhorn Barbecue with a plaque thanking them for all their support of Great Strides.
Tori and Joy inspecting the water at the halfway point.
Stephanie from the CF Foundation office and Cole from Cole's Champions.
Stephanie, Allison, Dottie and Callie from the CF Foundation office with Lisa from Amsler's Army.