David Fanning Golf Tourney 2006
May 20th - Tour de Tori stop #5
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David Fanning was 32 years old when he lost his battle with CF in 2002. One of David's fundraising achievements was playing 65 holes of golf, so it was a natural to hold a golf tournament in his honor. The tournament was held on the Woodlands course at Hawk's Prairie in Lacey. This year is the fourth annual tournament and the second for our team. Unable to find a fourth on their own, Russ, Chuck and Robert were joined by Jim, a 72-year-old retired airline pilot who registered the day of the tourney.

For us, the best-ball format should've been changed to the 'least-worst ball'. Jim was the most consistent of the four, but there was major suckage throughout the round, and we finished with a humbling 84 for the day. Our brief shining moment was Russ tieing for the win in the putting contest. It was all downhill from there for our golf game.
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