Vacation 2003
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(Left and middle) Monday meant a cupcake-filled birthday party for Tori and the rest of the kids. (Right) Tori went with the temporary tatoo look for the next few days.
Evenings meant game-playing. Here's Ruth dealing out the cards for another game of PIt.
Linda and Rachel taking a break from the cards.
Monday's sunset.
Keeping the streak alive, here's Tuesday's sunset.
(Left) One of our presents from Linda was this space shuttle kite. (Above) A full complement of kites in the air while a game of baseball goes on below them. Lots of sun and gentle breezes made for a lot of beach time this year.
Sand sculpturing started picking up during the week. (Left) Tori's mini-castles, (Middle) A mermaid, and (Right) a hammerhead shark. Robert didn't get sufficiently inspired this year, so no Star Trek stuff this year.
A group-made sand castle.
Jan getting a little footsie action.
Wednesday's sunset.