Vacation 2003
We've spent a week on the Oregon coast each year since 1997. The dates are coordinated with a bunch of friends and their families, so there always seems to be a group of people to do stuff with. This year we peaked at 15 kids and adults. The weather could hardly have been better - We had sun every single day, one morning with a little rain and relatively light winds throughout the week. Here's the week in 40+ photos.
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Our first stop on Thursday was Seaside, home to what they claim is the world's largest beach volleyball tournament. We met up with 3/4 of the Van Horn family there for the day. Clockwise from upper left: Some of the 60+ courts in action; main court game; Tori and Carol; Laura and Tori in the Air National Guard display plane; Carol and Maria on the beach; Laura and Tori swimming at the motel pool.
After staying overnight at Seaside, we headed out Friday afternoon for Waldport, stopping at the Tillamook Cheese Factory along the way.
We got to our room after dark on Friday, but Saturday gave us the first of many great sunsets. Above is the Saturday's sunset, at right are Tori and Carol watching it.
Here's a typical group setup for the beach - something to stop the wind, a little shade, some chairs and lots of sand to play in.
Saturday meant a stop at Grand Central Pizza for some pepperoni and anchovie pizza. Here is Blake enjoying his Cheerios.
The trip down Hwy 101 into Waldport takes you over this bridge spanning Alsea Bay.
Here's our shade tent. Most of the days had tolerable winds, so it helped with those as well.
Here's the sunset for Sunday.
Tori waiting for her dinner at Buck's.