The Tori Photo Spectacular IV
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Tori and her beanie babies reading a book while sitting in a laundry basket, December 1999. We never said she was normal...
On a ferry crossing Puget Sound with friends Taylor P, Taylor L and Croix, July 2000.
Tori giving her report on Queen Victoria, April 2000.
Tori and Isabel Ridder have some ice cream at the year-end school party, June 2000.
(Above) Tori brushing her hair on the first day of 3rd grade, September 2000.

(Right) Ready for that first 3rd grade ride to school, September 2000.
Tori and Mike Brundage's daughter Sam at Western Power's softball tournament in Monroe, July 2000.
Tori's 8th birthday party in the front yard with her friends, August 2000.
Lounging in the yard, April 2001.
Isabel and Tori at camp, May 2001.
Just hanging out on the sidewalk in the rain, April 2001.
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