Tacoma Great Strides 2004
May 15th, Tori's Troopers World Tour '04 Stop #4
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The Tacoma Great Strides is the second-largest in the state, surpassed only by Seattle. Jenny Adams and her committee did their usual excellent job and Outback Steakhouse served up the food. The event had a record 660 walkers and raised a record $112,000. The Bosanko foursome joined Tori, Carol and Robert to make a Trooper sevensome.
World Tour Stops
Pioneer Square Pub Crawl - Connell - Yakima
Tacoma - Seattle - Spokane - Freemont Pub Crawl
Clockwise from Upper Left: Tori hanging out on the driftwood; Alison of Alison's Angels with a friend; Jenny Adams receiving a $10,000 check from title sponsor Rush Custom Homes; The Tacoma Rose Garden; Dave and Donna White being recongized for their Rose Garden efforts; A thirsty Angel drinking some Smart Water; Hungry walkers in line for some of the great Outback food.
Above Left: The Tacoma Troopers, minus Robert, who was taking the photo.

Above Right: Tori getting a group hug.

Right: Allison Thrasher of the Foundation office announcing the walk's record-setting fundraising amount.

Below Left and Below Right: While the Troopers boast an impressive number of walkers each year, we also applaud those who can rally their supporters as well. Shown here are the Taylor's All-Stars and the Lily Grace teams.