Vacation 2001
We've spent a week on the Oregon coast each year since 1997. The dates are coordinated with a bunch of friends and their families, so there always seems to be a group of people to do stuff with. This year we peaked at 19 kids and adults. Activities this time around included beach time, wave jumping, golf, riding on the sand dunes, kite flying and eating tacos.

The weather didn't cooperate very well this year. While it didn't rain, we were stuck with clouds, fog and temperatures hovering around 60 degrees for six out of our seven days there, not exactly beach weather.

We also got hit with colds, so all three of us spent a lot of time sneezing, napping and blowing noses. Even though we had a lot stacked against us, we still had a good time and are already looking foward to 2002!
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(Above) Haley, Cody, Tori and Nolan at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. (Right) The kids on the docks at Newport.
Nolan, Rachel, Haley and Tori.
Haley, Nolan, Cody and Tori with the wooden guy at Cape Cod. Lighten up, Cody, you're on vacation!
Tori at the aquarium. Sweaters would an unfortunate necessity for most of our time on the coast.
Some of the ladies walked to Waldport and back every morning, about a 5 mile trip. The pretense was exercise, but they always seemed to come back with lattes and the occasional maple bar. Here's Mona celebrating crossing the bridge at Waldport.
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