Party with a Purpose 2005
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The third annual Rock Bottom Party with a Purpose was held on Thursday, September 29th. Your Tax Dollars at Work, our business-oriented drinking team (or drinking-oriented business team), made its annual appearance, this year a trio of Robert, Carol and Tom Eksten. Highlight of the evening was Robert winning the chicken wing eating contest - Carol couldn't be prouder.

Five days later on October 4th it was Party With a Purpose Part Deux at Canyons in Redmond. Your Tax Dollars at Work duo of Carol and Robert joined a mainly Microsoft crowd that helped push the combined P with a P total to over $17,000!
The 2005 Your Tax Dollars at Work team of Robert, Carol  and Tom.
Need to quench your P with a P thirst?
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Robert on his way to chicken wing victory.
Allison Thrasher and Apprentice Bridgette Quinn from the CF Foundation office.
Dennis Theuringer and his team.
(Left) Apprentice Bridgette Quinn at the massage table.
(Above) Allison Thrasher enjoying her massage. Yes, that's really her.

The team from Microsoft was awarded their second consecutive Steinie for raising the most money.
Allison and Ty showing off their green sweaters at Canyons.