Party with a Purpose 2003
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This was the inaugural Party with a Purpose, a chance for the the business folks to get together and raise money for CF. The P with a P was held at the Rock Bottom Brewery in downtown Bellevue. After a short walk through town, everybody got to use their drink coupons for one of the brewery's great beers and munch on some tasty food.

Anytime you mention beer, food and CF, odds are Robert will find a way to be there. This time it was assembling other King County staff to form their own business team of government employees, aptly named Your Tax Dollars at Work. This year's rookie team consisted of Robert, Carol, Tom Eksten, Shelley Brittingham and Darlene Sellers.

When the walking, drinking and eating were done, $10,400 was raised for CF research and a good time was had by all.
Your Tax Dollars at Work team for 2003. (L-R) Tom, Carol, Shelley B and Darlene.
Dennis Thueringer enjoying the food.
You could get a massage after the walk.
Here's the team from UBS Financial Services having a great time.
Bono joined the band for a song.
Jeannie and Allison helped by conserving food. Hey, Allison, fill that plate up!