Virtual Fundraising with Tori!

Donations are discretionary income - you don't have to donate to a worthy cause if you don't want to - but we are always looking for ways to encourage some of that discretion be directed to CF research. One way we've thought of is Virtual Fundraising with Tori. The idea is this: Between March 1 and June 30 (our Fundraising Season), take an activity you'd normally spend money on, substitute a lower cost alternative and donate the difference to CF. You can even have Tori join you by clicking here for photos you can print out and set beside you at your virtual CF fundraiser! You get to have fun and create a tax deduction all at once! Listed below are a few ideas you might try, or make up a virtual fundraiser of your own!

Dinner with Tori!
We figure most people go out for dinner once or twice a month, and when we go out, we can't seem to get out of the restaurant without spending at least $30. Meals that come in a bag or from a drive-through do not count!

Our suggestion is to have an inexpensive dinner at home, maybe hot dogs or hamburgers, or (gasp) something healthy like a salad, and set aside the cost difference as a donation to CF.

Figuring about $10 for these meals, that could mean $20 or more for CF research!
Sonics Home Game with Tori!
Anybody priced NBA tickets lately? Ouch! Watch them on TV instead! 

Who am I kidding, they suck this year. Thanks, Howard Schultz and Clay Bennett. Watch them on TV if you want, I've thrown in the towel on this season. Like me you may be using a portion of your former ticket-buying income to drown your sorrows, but that still leaves some bucks for CF!
Mariners Opening Day with Tori!
Skip the $25 parking, $3 hot dog and $6 beer and you're already miles ahead. Put your TV in the backyard and pretend the roof is open at Safeco Field!

03/31 Mon vs. Texas, 3:40pm, FSN

If you can't virtually make it for Opening Day, there are 40 other televised home games in April, May and June!
Seahawks Home Game on TV with Tori!
Okay, they don't play during our Fundraising Season and I'm still upset about Josh Brown signing with St. Louis, but I needed a reason for a cheerleader photo.

Round of Golf with Tori!
Substitute a round of miniature golf instead. Look out for the those windmills, though! Think of all the money you'll save on lost golf balls and cart rentals, too! You could also put your putter down and watch the PGA Tour on TV.

For the golf junkie, just tune into The Golf Channel and don't move from the recliner until you need to urinate.
Bail Your Friend Out Of Jail with Tori!
Save that bail money and teach 'em a lesson! Tired of having your cash tied up helping those loser friends deal with their warrants and misdemeaners? Instead, send them a CF Thank You while they're doing their time, sobering up or both!

Fequency dependent on the kind of friends you keep!
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Stock Car Racing With Tori!
Admit it, you only watch for the crashes. There are 15 NASCAR events during our Fundraising Season, so skipping just one should be easy!