Virtual Tori!
Here's a higher quality (60k) photo to download and print. Make sure you include a photo at your virtual fundraiser and it'll be just like having her there!
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Don't forget Tori's virtual medicines!
It takes a lot for CF patient to keep them healthy. Tori is probably a little lower than the average number of medications a CF patient has to take, but pull out your Virtual Bag O' Meds to stock up for one day's worth!

26 enzyme capsules (6 per meal, 4 with a snack)
Bactroban Nose Spray, twice a day
Flonase Nose Spray, twice a day
Advair (for asthma), twice a day
1 ampule of Pulmazyme, a mucus thinner, via a nebulizer
Zantac, an antacid, so the enzymes work better.
1 ADEK vitamin pill

When her lungs get congested, she usually takes an antibiotic for 21 straight days and gets chest PT (clapping) once or twice a day.
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