Seahawks 12th Man Trailer
Last year a group of Lake Stevens Seahawks fans led by Art Miranda and Justin Reid have restored a 1970's-era trailer into the ultimate tailgating accessory, complete with a 42-inch plasma TV, satellite dish and custom paint job. Click here for a 2006 recap. This year they've topped themselves by resurrecting a 1985 26-foot Winnebago RV. The CF efforts this year are more focused on Seahawks kicker Josh Brown's Good for 3 program. The RV is parked in the Qwest Field north lot on Seahawk home dates, so look for the big blue party machine and stop by to say hello! In addition to my unofficial page, the guys also have their own web site and myspace pages and appeared in the Everett Herald on October 10th. The Spirit of 12 website has a great video of the project as well, so click here for that.
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September 9th (Seahawks 20, Buccaneers 6)
September 23rd (Seahawks 24, Bengals 21)
The RV was still in the paint shop so it didn't make it to the first game. The good news was that I got a couple of tickets and actually went to the game.
The RV made its season debut! There is still work to be done, like installing the TVs and other electronics, but it was good first outing.
December 2006 - The 'before' photos.
October 14th (Saints 28, Seahawks 17)
Everything was great until they actually started playing the game. Justin gave a couple of TV interviews and some of the folks kicked a bowl of salsa, a can of Diet Pepsi and a piece of meat for Fox Sports Northwest.  The satellite dish was cranky so the new plasma screen wasn't available, but it was a nice fall day.
(Above) The interior now in Seahawks colors.
(Left) The newly-installed plasma TV.
(Below Left) Video of Justin's interviews and kicking things for FSN.
(Below Right) Spirit of 12 interviewing Justin about the RV.

October 21st (Seahawks 33, Rams 7)
The game was great but the RV setup was a bit of a disappointment. The parking lot staff made us park with everybody else, which in turn led to a lack of satellite signal, so no plasma TV again this week. It also rained before the game, but we made the best of it with some excellent fajitas.
November 12th (Seahawks 24, 49ers 0)
Justin and the guys seem to have the bugs worked out - the plasma was up and running and the interior LCDs are installed. All the Seahawks autographed the RV the day before, so it was looking good. The weather was nasty in the morning but it was dry when it counted and the wind calmed down. Excellent food once again! Robert joined up with new BFFs Rachel, Sheila and Jacob to watch the game at King Street Bar and Oven and from the looks of it, take a lot of pictures of them. Oh yeah, and the Seahawks kicked ass.
Robert was a bit, um, exhausted after the big CF Gala the night before but rallied to make a whole day of it at Qwest Field. The weather was dry and a bit cold, but the Seahawks warmed up the crowd with a big win. Great tackle by Josh Brown, too!
November 18th (Seahawks 30, Bears 23)
December 9th (Seahawks 42, Cardinals 21)
Three weeks is long time to go without, especially when you're talking about a Seahawks home game. The temperature never got above 35 degrees but we bundled up as best we could and celebrated a Seahawks win and their clinching of the NFC West. The south Sound contingent grew as Daxi and Sara tagged along with Rachel and Sheila for their first home game and went away smiling.
Some of the coolest boots you'll ever see. Very lickable, as you can see. Modeled by Seeley Springman of Seeley World, apparel for the adventurous spirit.
December 23rd (Seahawks 27, Ravens 6)
This was probably the rainiest home game we had this year and it made for cranky satellite reception. We still had a great time under cover as we celebrated the Seahawks' seventh victory at home this year. The RV won't be at the playoff game in January, so it's a wrap for this season. Thanks to everybody who stopped by this year, it was a great time.
Seahawk RV Signing, November 11th