Strokefest 1999
Strokefest was a golf tournament sponsored by KJR-AM 950, the Seattle-area sports-talk radio station. The event was held on Thursday, June 3, at Trophy Lake Golf & Casting, a fabulous new course in Port Orchard, WA. Everything was free - free booze, free food, free golf balls, free merchandise, free, free, free.

Robert won a foursome (named Your Tax Dollars at Work) in the tourney, and teamed with Russ Bosanko, Jason Roller and Frank Feighner (last minute replacment for Mike Brundage) for a day of golf and related fun (did I mention it was free?). Here's some photos that don't do the event justice, but they still show we can swing the clubs.
Robert teeing off
Russ hitting a drive while Jason looks on.
Frank rocketing a drive down the course. This one is far better than his first drive of the day, which ended up going backwards.
The backwards drive initiated five hours of trash talking and jibbering with Jeff Aaron (The Fisherman), morning personality on KJR. Here, Frank and Jason berate Jeff's putt or his mother, I don't remember which.
One hole had the golfer's hit their ball off of a batting tee. Jason shows that his years of playing softball don't mean a damn thing on a golf course.
Unfortunately, there was no prize for 'furthest divot'. If there was, Jason probably would've won with this shot, where the turf went further than the ball.
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