Christmas Party 2002
Each year we host a Christmas party as family friends get together at our house. Everybody brings a potluck item and present for the gift exchange.

Last-minute work, family issues, illness and bad Thai food forced about a dozen people to cancel this year, but those that avoided the bad luck had a great time. We'll stock up on four-leaf clovers for next year!
Cathy Currie and Gail Long showing off their sweaters.
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The 2002 Group Shot. We had three rookies this year and they all get gold stars for being great first-time guests!
Kevin and Chris Mayo say this is the best night out all year for them. Either we throw a great party or they need to get out more!
You never know what will show up at the gift exchange. Here's Bill Durham with a plush Spongebob, later to be swiped by the Mayo team.
Jan Contento with Tori and Laura Van Horn.
Duane Evans and Mark Jaskowaik, two of the 2002 party rookies, with Cathy Currie.
Jan Contento, Cathy Currie (again!) and Gail Long.
Commander Bev Sheldahl with Jan Contento.
Darlene Sellers in a Spongebob sandwich between Greg Van Horn and Robert.