Vacation 2000
Another year on the Oregon Coast! Here's a review of our eight days playing in the sand.
Outside the Tillamook Cheese Factory.
Jan, Tori, Haley and Nolan.
Carol and Tori with the Pacific Ocean as a background.
Nolan and Tori waiting for the next wave.
Carol and Wave Jumping Woman Linda assisting Haley in negotiating the surf.
Mona and Haley doing what we all did best...hanging out at the beach.
(Left) The kids on the rocks at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Everybody was impressed with the new shark exhibit that replaced Keiko.

(Right) Tori turned eight years old at the beach, so it was time to party down.
(Left) Robert putting the finishing touches on this year's Star Trek sand creation, the USS Defiant from Deep Space Nine. He looks like he needs another beer.
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(Right) Tori, Linda, Mona, Greg and Nolan make wave jumping a group activity.