Team Thueringer
French Toast Fundraiser 2003
Dennis Theuringer and his numerous family members held a french toast breakfast fundraiser on March 2nd at St. Stevens the Martyr Catholic Church in Renton, Washington. The event featured over 140 loaves of homemade bread baked by Dennis' mother. They also served pancakes, ham, scrambled eggs, gallons of orange juice and coffee, and they raffled off many prizes.

Not passing up an opportunity to eat food to benefit CF, Tori, Robert and Carol formed their elite breakfast eating team, Tori's Toasters, for this event. The Toasters were joined at their table by Dave White, Donna White and Kaitlin of Allison's Angels, CF staffers Eileen and Allison as well as Allison's hubby Ty, who for once didn't have to clean up.
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Carol and Tori competing in the Synchronized Fork Event.
Eileen, Ty and Allison showing off their Toaster stickers. Robert really has too much time on his hands...
The Thueringer family and friends serving up breakfast.
Dennis Thueringer (right) talking with a few hungry customers.
(Left) A packed room is a good indication that this year's event was a success.

(Right) Hungry people buy their tickets for the french toast feeding frenzy.