Wind Storm, December  14, 2006
Another notch in our wacky weather of 2006, this storm had gusts to almost 70 mph and left over 1,000,000 people without power for days. Our power went out at 10pm and wasn't restored until the following Tuesday. We learned to be better prepared for the next time as our house cooled to a frosty 44 degrees. We also had one of our 80-foot fir trees bite the dust, but fortunately the only victims of the fall were our mailboxes.
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The mailboxes lie underneath the fallen tree.
The tree blocked most of the road in front of our house.
What was left the next day - the neighbors were more than happy to cut up the tree for the firewood.
We were lucky the tree fell away from the house. Note the moose was not harmed during the whole thing.