University Place Firefighters
Pizza Takeover 2004
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The firefighters with Jenny Adams (center) pose for a group photo.
This annual CF fundraiser was held on Wednesday, March 17th, at the new location for the University Place Round Table Pizza. Jenny Adams and the University Place Professional Firefighters did their usual excellent job of serving pizza and cleaning up. You could also get your photo taken with a firefighter for a mere $3.00 donation.

Our family pizza eating team, Tori's Anchovy Troupe, was there once again. The only snag of the evening came early on - when ordering our usual pepperoni and anchovy pizza, we were told WE DON'T HAVE ANY ANCHOVIES YET! Aughhh!  We still had a great time, even without the salty, greasy fish. The place was packed all night for a good cause and raised $2,816!
People were lined up out the door for well over an hour. Here's a shot of the front counter showing the steady stream of hungry customers.
The Loux family, AKA Josh on the Go.
Tori's Anchovy Troupe!