University Place Firefighters
Pizza Takeover 2003
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Yes, those dark silvery things invading the pepperoni's space are anchovies. Mmmm, greasy salty goodness!
This annual CF fundraiser was held on Tuesday, March 18th, at the University Place Round Table Pizza. The University Place Firefighters did their usual excellent job of serving pizza and cleaning up. You could also get your photo taken with a firefighter for a mere $3.00 donation.

When you say 'CF fundraiser' and 'pizza' we come running. This year our family pizza eating team was christened Tori's Anchovy Troupe, dedicated to our love of America's most misunderstood pizza topping, anchovies. Of course, Robert made stickers.

Many fish were consumed, $892 was raised for CF research and a good time was had by all.
Joy Fischer and Allison Thrasher from the CF office were there doing their usual excellent job of selling t-shirts, taking firefighter photos, handing out Great Strides brochures while smiling all the while!
Chris and Brandie Maxwell along with cousin/niece Xia.
Dee Dee and Dave Loux from Josh on the Go.
Brandie Maxwell along with Jenny Adams.
An almost-capacity crowd enjoys their food while raising money for CF.