Gavin Gray's
Super Bowl Party 2007
This party was over seven years in the making - a steady stream of 'encouragement' over the years from fellow staff, a lot of hard work by Gavin and a little luck came together to pull this off. Highlights of the day included tours of the million-gallon retention pond across the street and the Adventure Level of Gavin's house. Everybody also got to see the modest-free bathroom, the Anvil of Safety and the vanquished Man-Eating Ivy. I think there was a football game on TV, too. Next up is a barbeque this summer!
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(Above and Left) Touring the retention pond.
Russ, Gavin's dad Thomas, Connie and the McClellan's enjoying the game.
Touring the Adventure Level.
No big screen? No problem! Cable hook-up + VCR + projector + wall = game time!