Explorer Students
CF Fundraising 2004
Explorer students, parents and teachers have put a lot of time and energy into raising money for CF research. This year they raised over $2,200!
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Explorer Art Walk $754
All three classes at Explorer created various works of art that were hung on the classroom walls. At the monthly parents meeting, parents were encouraged to make a donation to CF by 'bidding' on the artwork. When the dust settled, $754 was raised and the parents got some great artwork from their kids.
Explorer Garage Sale  $529
Held over a 2-day period, Explorer families divested themselves of no longer needed items while helping a good cause.
Ruby's Diner $290
Rudy's Diner in Redmond Town Center has a program where they donate 20% of the evening's revenue for charitable causes. Explorer's CF night was May 19th, and it raised $290! That's a lot of hamburgers and fries!
Bake Sale $700
Three days of cookies, brownies and other assorted treats sold out quickly and made this event a success. Sorry there are no photos, everybody was too busy eating!
The star attractions of the evening were Mrs. Davis and her twins. At left is Mr. J holding one of them, don't ask me which one. At top is the crowd the babies attracted.