You Gotta Have Guts
Crohn's/Colitis Walk 2004
Since we know two people who suffer from Crohn's Disease, this event was a natural. Robert and Tom Eksten organized the first-ever event for the Semi-Colons ("We're Crohnically Demented!"). Of course, once we got to Magnuson Park we found another team with the same name, so we'll be working on a new name for 2005. The event had 1,100 runners and walkers and raised over $78,000. The Semi-Colons had six team members - Connie Blumen, Mike Crandell, Tom Eksten, Carol, Robert and Tori. In part due to a post-walk Locked-Keys-in-the-Truck event, we neglected to take a team photo.
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(Left) Walkers and Runners before the start.
(Left) Another large team, the Crohn Rangers.
(Right) One of the larger teams, the Rolling Crohns.
(Right) The stage at the Start/Finish Line.
Tori walking behind J's Crohnies.
The finish line!
Mike rounded up the stray balloons.
Carol and Tori after their 3-mile walk.
For more info on Crohn's and Colitis research, go to